Allow me to introduce myself...

Jennifer Chiu

about freelancing social media

Behind The Trending Social is me, Jennifer! I’m a social media adviser, consultant, or whatever you call the individuals who are obsessed with upping your social media game. If I ain’t on Instagram, you can find me making travel plans or wearing ‘extra’ outfits to a casual brunch. Yes, I am THAT friend.

Why did I start, how is The Trending Social different?

I started The Trending Social because I want to help businesses capitalize on the power of social media to grow their businesses. Many small biz owners underestimate or overlook the importance of social media in their marketing plans. Some are just not social media savvy, so it is my job to educate and offer a helping hand in what I know best.

With a formal qualification in Marketing and Management, and with experience growing my personal lifestyle blog, I am empowered to harness my social media skills to grow your business and branding.

I specialize in social media growth and management for small businesses in the fashion, beauty, hospitality and wellness industry. It’s time to embrace digital, chase trends and stand out in the crowd.

So what are you waiting for?

Give your business the social media boost it needs today.

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